Friday, August 2, 2013

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Another EK CC blog.....which i enjoyed reading.....check it out:


  1. I have question about joining document as I live outside my country all of my original documents are in other country. Is it OK just to give them the copy not to bring the original when I go to dubai. My friend she just went their but they didn't ask her for the original one yet. Or when they will ask for the original documents after I arrived dubai so I may ask my mom to send it to me... Please help it urgent !!

    1. hi dear
      What i know is that they will never ask for original documents from they are yours...they only ask for copies...either if its colored copies or black and white....
      If they ask, which i doubt they will you can only say you will attach them later and your mother can send it for you.
      But i doubt they ever will ask for the original once....
      Wishing you a lovely friday

  2. Hi,. Thank you for all the helpful information you posted,, I wanted to ask, if the country I live in holds no assessment days and I apply online, does this mean I will get an invitation to a neighboring country where the airline holds assessment/invitation days in instead?

    1. hi dear
      u didnt mention which airline you are thinking about, but i assume ur thinking of emirates :-)
      but yes if ek does not hold any assessments in ur country u might get an invite for a country near u. u also might get a invite for a open day near u as well. often people attend open days in other countries too if ek does not come to their country.
      good luck dear and have a lovely weekend

  3. Hey there...I attended my final interview today. Its was to be held at 1:30 and I got there at 1:25...the recruiter told me that if I'd been there earlier we would have still done the interview :-( so does this mean I was late?, is it a bad sign?
    My online status also read 'interview completed' immediately after I that bad? And NY to interview lasted less than 15 minutes :-(

    1. Not NY but interview lasted less than 15 minutes :-(

    2. Hi dear
      congrats on scoring the finals, i assume with emirates :-)
      wishing u the best dear
      it is very strange that the recruiter told u this, u had the interview at 1:30 and they would expect u to go in there at 1:30...the minutes before 1:30 doesnt matter...cause lets say u could be in the bathroom for 15min or walking around the hotel during that time....ex when i was my interview with emirates, i showed up there 30min before...but i was sitting in the hotel lobby down stairs, while the interview was upstairs...i didnt show up to the room where i was going to have the interview until 10min before....the lady who was going to interview me opened the door and called my name exactly the hour i was suppose to have the interview....
      i assume the recruiter u had wasnt on her best mood lol...cause to me u were not late....u were there 5min before the hour....
      u were not late at all...the recruiter just had a bad day it think
      interview completed is the status everyone gets when they finish the there is nothing wrong with that status...
      how many minutes the interview last dosnt matter really...ex my interview lasted 25min but i got rejected later on...
      so it doesnt matter really...
      im sure u did well dear
      hopefully soon u get ur golden call :-)
      good luck
      wish u the best

    3. Hello once again, the interviewer wasnt nasty infact she was friendly :-) now am curious to it automatic that your file will be sent to Dubai after final interview? And if so how will you know your file has reached Dubai?

      My online status was interview completed immediately after my interview (updated 25th Apr) was that way till last Wednesday and Thursday where it was reading the same interview completed but (updated 4th may) and Thursday again (updated 5th may)...

    4. Hi dear
      Yes after ur final interview they will send ur file to dubai, but as candidate u guys will never know the process of how they will handle these things and will never know if it reached dubai or not. The only thing u candidates can follow is ur application status.
      as long as u dont get application unsuccessful UR GOOD TO GO :-)
      the emirates application process and hiring process is veryyyy long.
      GOOD LUCK dear, fingers crossed,,,
      nothing to do at this point than wait...and myself personally i hate to wait lol...but what to do than just keep track of the application status every single day :-)
      but do please update me if u hear anything :-)
      enjoy ur sunday